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Turn On Those Bright Lights

The NYC Street Photos: 2010–2015


A camera flash pops on the Lower East Side. A neon sign nearing death flickers to life in a deli window in Harlem. The 40-story high billboards of Times Square cut through the darkness to expose the furry costumed street performers that scurry among the throngs of gaping-mouthed tourists, disenchanted businessmen and trash collectors. Turn On Those Bright Lights pulls back the dusty curtain and exposes NYC for what it is at this moment of time. This is not a love story.


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New York | Berlin:
Of the People | Von den Menschen

The Street Portraits


From 2010-2012, I traveled frequently between New York City and Berlin, Germany capturing street photos of the scenes and people I witnessed during my daily life. In this book, my first, I share some of my favorite images from this period and my thoughts on these dynamic cities.


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"In a city of chaos and overstimulation, Aaron Kobilis has somehow managed to strip it all away in Turn on Those Bright Lights, a collection of stunning black and white moments and portraits, and in turn, directing our eyes to the beautiful (and at times beautifully gritty) things we often fail to appreciate in the shuffle."


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