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Canada to Mexico 2005

Rider Bios

Aaron “A.D.D.” Kobilis

Rarely able to sit still, I'm a guy who thinks a week-long vacation sitting on a beach while drinking frozen drinks sounds like hell. From snowboarding excursions in Utah to rainforest horseback rides in Costa Rica to tours of europe staying in run-down rooms above bars, I'm always up for an adventure trip. Call me crazy, but to me, that's the ultimate in mind-clearing relaxation. After years of mountain biking, and a several year hiatus from the sport, I have returned to cycling full-force, but this time, instead of the thrill of the off-road jib, I've discovered the high of logging mile after high-speed mile on asphalt roads in the Washington, DC area. The highlight of my day is my 15-mile training ride most mornings before work along the Potomac River. What am I looking forward to most about the upcoming trip? Spending 3 weeks outdoors, breathing the air, taking in the sights, using my body instead of sitting at a desk, being with friends, clearing my head. I love what I do for a living, I just wish I didn't have to do it so much.

I reside just south of Washington, DC in Alexandria, Va.


Eric Goetz, “The Instigator”

Always on the hunt for adventure, Eric's dreams of his next tour begin before his current one ends — illusions of grandeur turned reality when he carves up the map. From San Diego to Washington DC, Rome to Barcelona, Glacier Park to Yuma and Toronto to Rhode Island (On a mountain bike with only a sleeping bag, cash and a tool kit of essentials), incredible experiences fuel a lifetime of memories: Screaming downhill at upwards of 55 mph. Climbing for nearly a marathon. “Seeing” the desert floor. Tracing 136 miles of the Blue Ridge in a single day--fully loaded. Eight centuries in as many days. Covering countless miles and meeting even more personalities. All in pursuit of the important truth: Which of the world's Dairy Queens makes the best Blizzard? What dream is next? Germany, Costa Rica, Alaska, or New Zealand? All in good time.

Eric resides on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Click here to view Eric's website.


Tim Cripps: Pain + Pleasure = Peace

Pain: Mile 80, a seemingly never-ending climb — legs burning.

Pleasure: Cruising down an open road with the sun on your back, the wind on your side, and a handful of your friends (hopefully behind).

Peace: Total serenity — the kind of happiness that only those who have felt it before can truly understand. The gratifying reminder that no goal in life is easy...because if it was, what fun would it be?

Originally hailing from Rochester, NY, Tim now resides in Arlington, VA. Click here to view Tim's website.